If you have a love for the Land of Israel and for the Jewish people, or if you are a non-Jew who feels a
stirring within your being to return to the roots of your faith, then this book is a must read.
As a new Believer, Ephraim Frank could not explain what he felt burning in his soul. He only knew that he was being drawn, wooed by His God, and that he had gone on a tour that had forever changed his life…

From the farm lands of America to the Holy Land of Israel, this compelling autobiography is in truth a love story.

This touching testimony tells the personal story of a “stranger” who felt divinely drawn to both the Promised Land and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It tells of the birthing of a new and fresh move of the Holy One, while it gently reveals what the Father is doing in the earth today.

This refreshing account of one man’s sojourn tells of the blessed redemption of the whole house of Israel; revelation unfolds on its enchanting pages.

Today, Ephraim Frank is a citizen of the State of Israel and is married to a Sabra (native Israeli). Together, Ephraim and his beloved, Rimona, have two children, Yonatan and Sehter-Hadar; and work in Zion to help restore the Kingdom to Israel.

Read this chronicle of Ephraim’s return home to the Land of his forefathers and be encouraged, moved, and – above all – inspired.