The purpose of this booklet is to serve as a ‘wake up’ call both to the Church and our nation. It seems that neither the church nor the nation is aware that our country is standing on the brink of disaster! As a people, we have departed from the faith of our fathers. Pillars that have underpinned our society for many centuries are being shaken. The Monarchy, the Church of England and Parliament are all under ferocious attack by forces out to undermine and destroy. Our Judeo-Christian heritage, with its Bible based standards that have so singularly contributed to our nation’s greatness, is being dismissed. In the time of the Judges in ancient Israel, rebellion against God led the people into doing ‘what is right in their own eyes.’

The Church — ‘Bride of Christ’ — is even now in danger, because the concept of our relationship with Israel is flawed. The great prophetic books of the Bible convey the central role Israel is going to perform in world affairs at the end of the age. The veil that has lain over the face of the ‘Israel of the Covenant’ has to be lifted.

The booklet also addresses the perceived lack of understanding, in the nation and the Church, regarding the European Union. Prophetic warnings as to the hidden agenda behind the formation of the world’s next superpower are being ignored.

The message contained in this booklet is timely and it is very important to those in the church.

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