In the Library of Congress an account is kept of a vision George Washington had in the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge. It was the low point of the Revolutionary War. The General had lost almost every battle and he had been in constant retreat since the beginning of the war. In his vision, Washington saw three great perils, (in the form of three military conflicts), taking place on America’s soil. The first being the Revolutionary War of Independence, the second being the Civil War, and the third and the most terrible, being the invasion and conquest of the United States by a great alliance of nations from Europe, Asia and Africa. In all three cases all the differing versions of his vision agree; “we” will be successful in the War of Independence, that after the Civil Warwe” will become united, and that even in the third conflict having suffered cataclysmic defeat, “we” will nevertheless ultimately prevail over our enemies, thanks to divine intervention on our side.


Note, that this vision mentions an ill-omened specter connected with Africa! Does this not accurately reflect the contention between the South and the North? The Civil War was all about the abolition of slavery and most of those slaves had been brought in chains to the cotton plantations of the Southern states from Africa.

It would appear that this third peril to come upon America is an invasion of massive forces coming by land and sea. Those hostile armies numbering multiple millions of men, coming in a great alliance of nations from Europe, Asia, and Africa are apparently able to devastate and destroy the whole country by burning the villages, towns, and cities of the nation. This kind of destruction, accompanied by thick black clouds enveloping the whole country, and accompanied by a mysterious dark red light, brings to mind devastating nuclear warfare being waged on American soil. It sure is a terrifying prospect, yet this is exactly what elements within the European Union, Russian, Islamic and Chinese enemies of America are capable of perpetrating. Their hatred is stoked by the green-eyed monster of envy. Their resentment of Anglo-Saxon success and global power has been simmering for many decades, even though they have most of the time managed to hide their true attitude behind diplomatic smiles and niceties. America’s awesome military might has deterred them thus far, yet they are prepared to wait for that moment of weakness when America cannot afford to pay for its overwhelming globe girdling forces any more. They can already see the writing on the wall, as they are able to discern that a major global power shift is even now underway. This once in a 500-year cycle will shift global power from the English-speaking world in the West, (e.g. the birthright sons of Joseph), temporarily to the Gentile non-Israelite, [70 nations], powers of the East. The signs are that that time is not too far off now. Their envy and hatred for everything American will ultimately unite them in their combined onslaught. George Washington’s vision implies that the prophesied invasion will be successful and that America will be defeated by her enemies on her own soil!

‘The Scriptures confirm Washington’s 3rd Vision.’

​STEPHEN SPYKERMAN HAVING BEEN STIRRED by George Washington’s vision of the Third Peril felt motivated to check the main aspects of the vision against the prophecies of the Bible. To his astonishment, he found that the Great Prophets of the Bible starting with Moses through to the Psalms of King David, the prophetic words of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Hosea and others, all the way to Jesus Christ, confirm George Washington’s vision! They not only confirm it but they also provide additional detail. It is this amazing fact that the Scriptures of the Bible authenticate this vision, and it is this fact and this fact alone which compelled the author to write this book!